Community Service & Impact

The impact of Calvary Bible Church is not restricted to only those of the household of faith. Our hand of care, empathy, and compassion also stretches beyond our congregation to our neighborhood, and the world at large. Our vision of global influence has formed the basis of our generosity where people from different races, religion and social status, suckle from our bosom of kindness.

Today, Calvary Bible Church is known beyond the shores of the Idimu and Alimosho Local Government  We have not restrained the gospel and our show of Christ-like kindness to the needy on the basis of religious bias and sentiments.

Our avenues of community impacts may not be up to a thousand, but we have touched over a thousand lives in meaningful ways, through the following avenues;

Annual Welfare day

Although we give in and out of season, the most outstanding time of giving is the annual welfare day when food, clothing, and gifts donated by Calvarians are shared on the annual outreach day. Our records show that people come from far distances just to partake of this feast of blessings, which holds during the Christmas festive season. Surprisingly, some of these gifts are the only "touch of Christmas’ some of these people ever get to receive—the reason it is always a day filled with emotions. Mahatma Ghandi was right that, "There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread’. Through our few loaves and kind gifts, God has become flesh to many people.

Community Cleaning

To model and encourage cleanliness as a virtue of godliness and healthy living within the church community, different departments of the church embark on community cleaning exercises from time to time. This involves sweeping the streets, clearing the bushes, and emptying gutters for proper drainage in the Calvary neighborhood.

Borehole/Street Lighting Projects

For years, the Calvary neighborhood has enjoyed free water supply from our community borehole projects. Our street lighting project from Calvary Bus Stop (Idimu/Council Road) and Council Road (Council Area) leading to the church has also improved security in the neighborhood. The source of backup power supply to the bore hole projects is provided and maintained by Calvary Bible Church till date.

Police Station Toilets

The church provided toilet facilities to support the existing facilities at the Idimu Police Station. This was greatly appreciated by the Policemen and has helped to create a cordial relationship which has enabled our church shift activities to the police station on a weekly basis.