Welcome To Our Church Departments

Lifeline Chior

Lifeline choir is the music arm of Calvary Bible Church, responsible for ministrations in our Services and programs. Lifeline Choir has a musical album to its credit (Harvest Time, released in 2005), and a good number of song writers, professional instrumentalists, and artistes whose songs have pervaded the airways. In addition to other musical concerts and unique programs, Lifeline choir holds the title for hosting the biggest Carol concert in Alimosho Local Government Area in Lagos State. The annual Carol Night program only gets bigger and better by the year as new shades of creativity add colour to every episode of the event.

Calvary Leadership Academy (CLA)

CLA is designed to train every member through the beliefs and doctrine of Calvary Bible Church through four stages of integration, which are: Membership Class, Maturity Class, Ministerial Class, and Mission Class.

Editorial Unit

We are proud of our team of professional writers and editors who work on content creation, writing, and editing for our electronic and print materials for readability, structural and grammatical correctness.

Building Committee

The Building committee is a team of civil engineers, electrical engineers, builders, and other professionals who oversee all church major building and renovation projects. The transformation of our worship centre from what is used to be to what it is today is one of their successful deliveries.

Maintenance Department

Also known as the ‘sanctuary keepers’, the maintenance care, assists hospitality, environment through regular cleaning and maintenance of our church auditorium and the environment.

Protocol Department

The Protocol Department assists God’s servants by providing support, hospitality and protection for the in-house and guest ministers

Graceful Host

Graceful Host is the hospitality unit of Calvary Bible Church. They welcome our first-time worshipers, guest ministers and special guests in a grand style and make them feel at home, and appreciated.

House Fellowship Unit

House Fellowship unit controls the activities of Calvary House Fellowship Centres. They leaders of the unit compile house fellowship manuals, arrange meeting dates and venues, monitor the smooth operation of the fellowship, and ensure that the structure of House Fellowship is duly followed.

GAP Team

GAP is an acronym for ‘God Answers Prayers’, and it functions as the prayer and intercessory arm of Truth of Calvary Ministries. GAP prayer team is divided into two groups, and their prayer sessions run concurrently with our two services, as each group intercedes for each service.

Calvary Teaching Centre

Calvary Teaching Centre was set up as a learning, teaching, empowerment, and training institution. They recruit, mentor, and releases new breed of entrepreneurs, ministers, missionaries, and leaders with positive impacts in all spheres of life towards the fulfillment of God’s mandate.

Caring Mothers

Caring Mothers is a group of women and mothers who visit, help and counsel nursing mothers in Calvary Bible Church.

Hospitality Unit

Our guests and visitors are assured of the best care as they come to Calvary Bible Church. Our hospitality unit ensures that every second our guests spend with us remains an unforgettable memory.

First Aid Department

The First Aid Department is a team of medical practitioners who attend to any form of medical emergency or minor injuries during church services or within the church premises before referral to the hospital, if necessary. They provide free essential drugs needed for first intervention.

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Greeters Department

The greeters greet and welcome worshippers to the church, and also distribute motivational and inspiring Bible Verses to worshippers as they step into the church.

The Ushering Department

The Ushering Department always ensures that the church is well-arranged and set before and after our gatherings. They usher congregant s into the auditorium and ensure that everyone is seated in an orderly manner, and also distributing flyers, and other documents as assigned by the church leadership.

Finance Department

Finance is an important part of any organization. Members in this department ensure that the accountability and judicious use of church funds for both micro and macro projects, budgetingand effective implementation of approved budgets.

The Amethyst Crew

The Amethyst Crew is the drama department of Calvary Bible Church. The name ‘Amethyst Crew’ was curled from the precious gemstone ‘Amethyst’ Crew ministers every first Sunday of the month, and in special programs such as Drama Sunday, Drama Night, Christmas Carol, and other programs.

New Life Department

As the name implies, New Life Department ushers new converts into God’s family and guides them through their Christian infancy stage with God’s work.

NU Media Department

The New Media Department comprises a team of internet pros, social media gurus, photographers, graphic designers, writers, and editors who work tirelessly to keep our online presence and image. They ensure that our services, programs, and events are streamed live on social media, and are also available for download on the internet.

Electrical Department

The success of every meeting held in Calvary Bible Church to be successful hinges on many things, including smooth electrical connection; from the lighting of the church and the environment, to powering our street light project, ensuring that there is no power outage during programmes, powering our instruments and electrical appliances, and ensuring safety.

Audio-Visual Department

This department works behind the scene to ensure that our visuals and multimedia presentations are sight­friendly. They ensure the proper functioning of our projectors, additional screens, microphones, speakers, screen contents, visual announcement, and voice over.

Caleb Generation

Caleb Generation is our Elders’ Forum—for people from the age of fifty and above, not necessarily as an old people’s platform, but for people with practical life experience and wisdom. Programmes in the fellowship are geared towards strengthening, empowering, and helping members attain fulfillment and live happy as they approach their good old age.

Scholarship Board

Scholarship award is an integral part of our church’s effort to encourage education and positive impact across various spheres of life. The scholarship structure focuses on higher education, supporting indigent students who attain and maintain a predefined academic performance all through their higher education.